I hate everything, which is broken.

An example: I have an alarm on my phone which goes off every 30 minutes to keep me moving in my day and prevent time lost to the internet, books, avoidant cleaning,etc. in the settings for this alarm is an option for what my volume and power buttons do when the alarm goes off. I chose “turns alarm off” the alarm goes off. I hit the power button. the phone stops vibrating, but does not stop being alarmed. Am I crazy, or did the option I chose just not work the way it said it would?

I lost 90% of a WP post from last night, which apparently neither published nor actually saved any but the first draft, despite the WP autosave assuring me that it was doing do about every 3 minutes.

I am so pissed.

I am so pathetic for being pissed about this. I feel like all the negative negativity which I purged in writing last nights (lost) post just crawled out of the computer and is gnawing on my brainstem.

I am getting perilously close to achieving a sneaky hate spiral, perhaps somewhere between cat butt and “you must wait more”



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