Non-progress report

Self-discipline problems again. I keep getting distracted by the everything else. I have a whole list of things that I should be doing to promote myself and go in the direction that will get me work, but I’m not doing them. Haven’t been doing my sleep schedule right -I keep staying up reading. Then I wake up and feel awful because of not enough sleep, and yawn through the day. I make excuses for myself and justify doing everything but what’s on that list.

I’m still shy of networking and giving out my card. It’s telling people a rate, actually putting a price on my services that particularly sticks my brain. Is it because that ‘s the most likely point of rejection? Probably. Rgh, frustrating.

I keep looking up and noticing another week has gone by, and I haven’t made any progress. I’ve got a pretty good garden planted though. and the dog is spayed. But still that’s other stuff. I really really ought to be spending more time getting work.

Stupid self-defeating behavior, I’m avoiding responsibility for my life again. Just sit down and do it! I’m getting better at not kicking my ego for this. I’m annoyed but not thinking I’m a bad person. Which is a kind of progress I guess.

Tomorrow I’m going to look for a new therapist, preferably one who is also a life/career coach. I need to set myself some accountability, since I don’t seem to be doing it for myself.


2 thoughts on “Non-progress report

  1. stuartart says:

    I have a few questions for you: Do you do good and valuable work? If so, can you write a list of 10 things that you can help your clients achieve by using your product/service? When you think of your clients, is helping ‘them’ foremost in your mind? When you can get to a place where you feel that not telling your prospects about you and your product or service, is actually doing them a dis-service you will understand your value. Then you will overcome this feeling you have.

  2. tinyfrogs says:

    Hi Stuart, thank you for commenting!
    My answer to the first question is I don’t know, partly because I haven’t yet “gone pro” (gotten paid for) the work I want to do, and partly cripplingly low self-esteem makes it really hard for me to actually say “I do good work.”
    Second question: Likely yes, if I think about it.
    Third question: If I had paying clients, definitely yes, as I’d have to work to deadlines more often than not which would help to keep me focused. The work is the kind where I can see that I am making things better, which is pretty much *the* motivating factor for me. (I tend to die on endless, pointless-seeming tasks)

    Good questions! I think you are right, I have to overcome my introvert tendencies, gain confidence, and learn to sell myself.

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