3 personas, no reality?

3 personas, no reality
I am not a fashion anything and do not endorse any of these products or high fashion in general. That’s wrong. Viewed as an art form, I think high fashion is pretty cool, the mythologies that get created, the beauty and weirdness that happens. Glamour is a powerful magic. Not a fan of what high fashion does to body image or the elevation of appearance over content in other realms, though. Though I do sometimes like to look nice or get dressed up, day-to-day it is too much trouble to maintain a finished ‘look.’  I don’t know if any of the personas represented here are real, thus the question mark. This was an interesting exercise, collaging without scissors and tape.

One thought on “3 personas, no reality?

  1. nonoymanga says:

    Very good mix art, good day Nonoy Manga

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